How to place an order?

In the top bar of the page you will find "Listings", where our catalog of plants appears separated into two sections: "Cactus" and "Suculents".

When you find an item you want to purchase, click on the "add to cart" button. Once you have finished adding items to your basket, fill in the billing information, select the shipping option European Shipment, then the payment method, review the data and confirm your order.

About shipping rates

If you wish to place your order from any European country, you will see the only option "500-1000gr European Shipment". If you only want to buy four plants, it is most likely that your package weighs less than 500 gr. In this case, mesage me for request a suitable rate.

What are the payment methods available?

The international payment will be made through paypal, our page will automatically direct you to paypal to make the payment in a comfortable way, simply by logging in and accepting the payment. The amount and recipient of the payment will be automatically written once you are directed to paypal.

If you do not have a paypal account, do not worry, creating one is simple and fast.

Your information will only be used to make the shipment.

What if I confirmed an order by mistake and I have to cancel?

Cactalia Suculentas will accept cancellations of the orders made by the buyers in case it is still in the preparation phase. If at the moment in which Cactalia Suculentas receives the notification of cancellation, the merchandise has already been sent, the buyer must assume the shipping and return costs.

Why do not I receive the confirmation email?

In some cases we have detected that our emails are received as "spam" or "spam", so that it does not happen you must include our address in your contact list. If you see that it is not in your inbox, check the "spam" folder and mark it as desired mail. If you are not in either of these two cases, you should contact us.

How do we send the plants?

The plants are always sent bare root (without soil) to prevent the plant from rotting due to moisture problem. The cactus and succulents are wrapped individually protected with kitchen paper or newspaper to absorb the remaining moisture.

Do the plants travel?

The cactus and succulents are plants that by their characteristics travel without problems. This type of plants can be packed for 30 days without being damaged. Plants of genera such as Echeverias, Graptopetalums, Pachyphytums, Sedums, etc. They may suffer etiolation due to lack of light during the time they remain in the package.

What is etiolation?

It consists of sick, excessive growth caused by insufficient light. The growth is often a very light green color and is usually quite weak and fragile.

The reception of my package has been delayed and some of my plants have been distorted, What do I do?

Once a cactus has begun to grow etiolate, the effect is permanent in the affected area. However, with a change in conditions, you can almost always recover the plant and keep it growing normally again. For this, what you need for your cactus in a stronger light.

In any case, you should not take a plant and change it directly to a sunny place.

It must be acclimated gradually to the strongest light to prevent sunburn. Even healthy plants can suffer a sunburn from a drastic increase in light, and in etiolated or weak plants, this could be fatal.

When do you send my order?

Once your order is confirmed, we select your plants, remove the substrate and leave the roots of the plants in the air to make sure they are completely dry. This process can last up to 5 working days. Then we pack it and proceed to send it. It is time to inform you by email the shipping confirmation and the package tracking code.

What do I do when I receive my plants?

Carefully remove the wrapper. If the plant has been detached some leaf or pup, do not worry, it is completely normal, leave them on the ground and you will see how in a few weeks new shoots will be born. Place it on the substrate and do not water it after at least 15 days if it is summer; but if it is autumn or winter you should not water it until spring.

If when receiving my cactus some son or cuttings have been detached, is it defective?

In any case, the fact that the cactus has a child, does not mean that it is broken or defective; You can even transplant it to another planter and it will have a new cactus.

Are you looking for something?

If you are a collector and you have been looking for that euphorbia that does not let you sleep for half a year, get in touch with us, in the top bar of the page you will find "Contact us", we will try to get it.

Keep in mind...

At the time of taking the photographs from our catalog, some plants are in bloom. That does not mean that you will receive the plant with flowers, since each bloom has its moment in time.

It does not have to receive exactly the same plant as in the image, each plant is unique, with its colors and geometric patterns, higher, lower, fatter or skinnier. You will receive the same plant as the image in case we only have that unit. If the plant of the image has already been sold you will receive another of the same type, perhaps with the flower of another color.