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Our store of love for these wonderful plants and the desire to share with other people our experience and the time dedicated to each of our succulents. Fascinating and perfect for everything that is seen in a space in the world of gardening thanks to its simplicity in the care and its great resistance, although not for that reason they are less beautiful.

With those geometric drawings and so varied colors, without a doubt, they make our houses and gardens a more interesting place.

In our catalog we can find our varieties of cactus and succulents available.

Pendientes de botón vintage

Pendientes hechos a mano estilo vintage con motivos florales en tonos azulados sobre un fondo blanco. Los pendientes son de botón y están compuestos por un camafeo circular con un cabochón de resina epoxy engarzado en su interior.  Usted recibirá los pendientes dentro de una bolsita de organza, preparados para regalar.

5.00 €

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